Emily Campbell

Emily truly has a love for dance, which began when she was very young; At age three, she started step-dancing, and loved to entertain her mother by dancing all around the living room to Frank Mills. She soon branched out to figure skating for a few years, but her passion for dance took over. In 2013, she began taking a couple of classes at Dance Virtuosa, and her love only continued to grow from there! Each year her interest in different disciplines grew to include, ballet, pointe, contemporary, jazz, conditioning and hip-hop.

A few years back, Emily began demonstrating and loved assisting classes, which led to her auditioning and becoming a member of the Dance Virtuosa Young Company, and the Storm Chasers dance team. Emily enjoyed her years on the Storm Chasers, performing primarily hip hop, as it is now a style she very much loves performing, learning, and teaching! Dancing has given her confidence over the years, as well as a venue to express herself.

While being on Young Company, Emily had the opportunities to travel and perform across Atlantic Canada, New York, and at the ‘Dance The World’ festival held at Walt Disney Word in Orlando, Florida! Emily is excited about the opportunity to teach, and share her passion and love of dance with others.